Harmony Massage

30 minute harmony massage


A massage concentrating on the neck and shoulder area to release stress and promotes total mind and body relaxation. We customize each session based on your needs.


60 minute harmony massage


A circulatory massage combined with medium and firm pressure, compression and light stretching to promote circulation, flexibility and muscle recovery. 


90 minute harmony massage


Similar to our 60 minute harmony massage allowing for special attention to a problem area or added reflexology and scalp massage.


2 hr harmony massage


Dive into this harmony massage session! This deluxe treatment helps time stop by using various soft and deep tissue techniques to treat the whole person – body, mind, spirit and emotions – in order to prevent and alleviate pain and stress, support the bodies’ systems and create greater body-mind awareness. Great for those whom normally schedule a 90 minute session and just really need to unwind! 


Deep Tissue

30 minute deep tissue


Intense massage using deep, deliberate strokes and compressions to separate and lengthen muscle fibers


60 minute deep tissue


Deep penetrating strokes combined with pressure point activation to release the bodies tensions.


90 minute deep tissue


Deep tissue massage focuses on the deep layers of muscle tissues in an effort to release chronic patterns of tension. The massage uses many of the same strokes as classic message therapy, with the main difference lying in the fact that a deep tissue massage involves slower movements and the application of greater pressure. 


75 minute harmony + body polish


Enjoy a custom signature harmony massage followed by a full body polish. Concentrate on your most needed muscle relaxation needs & finish with our pure honey & natural sugar scrub enriched with pure essential oils. Your skin will feel exfoliated, soft & moisturized



30 minute body polish

Polish your skin to perfection with a revitalizing blend or pure essential oils and sugar. Gently smooth away roughness and surface impurities to reveal firmer, softer, simply radiant skin.